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in the year 2009.

I Mr. Amol Junnarkar, Proprietor of Living Concepts request you to read this Important Article on Safety Door

In the Article we have mentioned very important facts about General safety doors, defective security checks at entry point, our keen observations about defective frame construction, how safety door has to be fabricated and what advantages, facilities you will be getting by going for our safety door.

So now please read this article carefully to clear all the doubts and then only go for the Order Procedure or  Showroom location & details


All Dear Readers,

First of all I am thankful that I got a chance to tell all of you about Safety for your dream home. We all people always dream that the interior and furniture of our home must be very nice and also in such a way that it suits your home and budget.

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All Dear Readers.
First of all I am thankful that I got a chance to tell all of you about Safety for your dream home. We all people always dream that the interior and furniture of our home must be very nice and also in such a way that it suits your home and budget. We plan in the same way and get it done also. But apart from this safety is also important thing. Now a days we always read into news paper about robbery and injury during robberies. If we see the percentage of people living in bungalows, it is less than the people living in Flats. But generally the people who live in bungalows always concentrate on safety. But in case of apartments generally there is a main gate on which security people are provided. They maintain the record in their notebook of who is coming & going and for what purpose. But I had seen at many places that these people do not call the person in the flat for whether the person who is coming to meet should allow or not. So again there is a chance for robbery & injury.


So again arises question of safety. That’s why we decided to manufacture such a type of Iron Safety Doors from which the inside person in the flat can communicate first with the outside person & then if needed, then only he will open the door and allow the person to come inside. You may think or say that this is very general & normal thing that usually people do if they had installed a normal iron safety door in which there are some horizontal and vertical bars, designed at upper position through which anyone can communicate. But still from these types of doors one can hurt with some harmful things like rods, tools etc. So we have to install such a safety door from which nobody can insert such types of harmful things. There are many designs that we have designed, but some of them have facilities like ventilation, privacy, no gaps to insert anything because of using perforated sheet, 95% mosquito proofing, milk bag insertion facility, etc. The most advantage of our iron safety door is that we have provided Latch facility & powder coating instead of oil-paint. At latch position we have provided plain C.R.C. sheet ( in marathi we say patra ) from both the sides. Also the Aldrops are of very good quality and are firmly welded to the door. So no question of removing bolts and nuts that we usually see in normal type of fabrication. Also generally fabricators do not align the door to the M.S. Angle frame which gets fitted to the main wooden frame. So the door some times remains loose at top or bottom position due to which anyone can easily insert strong screwdriver or heavy bar and remove the entire door. In our case even if the main door frame has slight bend we align our door in such a way that the latch side of the door gets perfect alignment with the angle. So no chance to insert anything. We are also using PVC spacers of different-different thick nesses, made in Germany, where the gap comes between the angle & your wooden frame, which may have slight bend. There are total 4+4 screws tightened for vertical angle, 3 at top & 1 at bottom center & 3+3 screws go perpendicular at  4 corners from inside. So total there are total 18 screws, which holds this door as well as your main wooden frame. Screws are of  10no.x 35mm long.


A last I would suggest that instead of going for wooden safety door with some center design which is not so safe, Install our fully powder coated, ventilated, latch facility, mosquito proof, privacy maintained & beautifully designed uncommon Safety Door for your beautiful home. Thanks.

Amol Junnarkar
Living Concepts
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